Choosing Carpets for Cat Owners

Choosing Carpets for Cat Owners

If you have a cat for a pet, you’re probably used to (and have possibly accepted) the not-so-sweet things your cat can do to your home – and your carpeted floors.

Carpets for Cat

There are many reasons many cat owners prefer NOT to put carpets on their floors:

  • For one, cats are notorious for their scratching hobbies, and this hobby can easily destroy carpet fibers.
  • Also, cats might (and will) pee on your carpets.
  • Fleas from your cat (yikes!) can migrate and invade your carpets.


These are just some of the reasons that say cats and carpets just don’t mix. But don’t worry because with just a few adjustments, your dream of laying carpets on your floors (without your cat destroying it) can finally come true!

Here are some things you have to bear in mind in choosing your cat-friendly carpet:

While others may argue that wool is the best choice for your pet – this might not be true neither suitable if you live with cats. While soft and comfy, wool are super absorbent – meaning once your pet has an ‘accident’ on your wool carpet, the urine will get absorbed and that can’t be good. Therefore, instead of going for a natural carpet, choose a synthetic carpet that would give you enough time to remove pet urine before it seeps into the fibers.

In terms of a pile, Berber carpets can appeal to some pet owners because of its tight weave that can potentially prevent fleas from getting in. Berber carpets are extremely durable as well. However, this carpet type has looped piles that will surely be pulled out by your cat’s claws. In short, its durability is no match for your pet’s scratching skills. Choose a carpet with a cut pile – though you would need to vacuum it more frequently to remove any pet hair.

Your carpet acquiring dirt and stains is something that’s unavoidable when you have cats, so you might as well choose a carpet color that can hide these unsightly stains. Choosing a gray, dark, or multi-colored carpet is a great technique when it comes to concealing dirt.

Scratching is part of a cat’s nature. It helps them relax when they scratch and stretch. They also sharpen their claws when they scratch and, perhaps most importantly for them, scratching marks their territory.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can just reserve a special spot in your home for your cat to scratch freely; sisal carpets are popularly being used by many cat owners when they build a scratching post for their feline friends.

In addition, admit that you can only do so much in preventing inevitable incidents such as pet accidents, therefore you must prepare yourself for regular carpet replacements in the future.

If there is no repairing your carpet or cleaning it hasn’t got the cat stains out you will need to rip it out and replace it another carpet or with a laminate or hard wood. To get rid of all that extra carpet contact Vancouver junk removal company Rid-Of-It Vancouver for the best results. They not only will get rid of it but dispose of it in an ethical way and recycle where possible.