Pet-Proofing Your Carpet


If you live with a pet, you might already have an idea of how challenging it could be when it comes to the mess they make. No matter how lovable your pet is, you can’t deny that there is a lot of cleaning to do when you live with one indoors – you have to deal with the paw prints, pet hairs, dander, and sometimes even urine.


We all know that carpets require constant maintenance and cleaning – that is because of their absorbent nature and fibers that are particularly vulnerable to dirt and stains; and, your carpeted floors can even get more challenging to maintain when you have a pet around.


Luckily, there are ways you can make protect your carpets from possible pet damage. With just some adjustments and a lot of attentiveness, you can save your carpet from any major problem your pet can inflict on it.


For example, pet urine is something that could be a big problem if your home is fully carpeted. Pet urine, once it gets in contact with the carpet, could seep into its fibers – and even make its way to the carpet padding underneath. To protect your carpet against this issue, you can purchase waterproof carpet pads instead. You can also buy some plastic carpet covers and put them on top of your carpet.


Vacuuming more often will also help you get rid of pet dander and hair lodged in your carpet.


Keeping spray on carpet protector products at hand can temporarily shield your carpets from minor stains and dirt.


Apart from spending time and effort protecting your carpet, you should also maintain your pet properly to minimize the damage they can do to your carpeted floors. Make sure that their nails are always trimmed to prevent tears on your carpet. See to it that they are always clean and free from ticks and fleas as well.


Dealing with Torn Carpets


Carpets are an excellent addition to our homes – they could turn any room into a cozier one, can make your home more welcoming, and the best thing is, you can find a type that will fit your budget.


But just like everything else, no matter how wonderful carpets are, there are still some downsides to using it on your home. Perhaps one of the biggest downsides to using a carpet is that the possibility that it will deteriorate or show signs of wear and tear over time.


Having tears on your carpet can be a big problem. However, there are still some steps you can take to temporarily remedy this distressing problem.


What makes carpet even better is that you can move them to almost any location you may please. And one of the most logical things you can do upon seeing a tear on your carpet is to move it to another location where there would be fewer people who will see the tears. For instance, you can move it to a storage room. Moving your carpet to an area with less foot traffic can also help save the torn from worsening faster.


Alternatively, if you think moving your carpet to another room is too stressful, you can opt to move items over the torn portion to hide it from sight. Place a table, an ottoman, or even a potted plant over the affected part of your carpet to conceal it.


Torn carpets are also a good reason to take advantage of area rugs. Adding an area rug over your carpet won’t only hide the torn parts, it can also immediately enhance the overall look of the room.


Since carpets are basically made from fabrics, sometimes, you can treat them as such; you can also remedy holes or tears on your carpet by covering it with a patch.