Caring for Your Bamboo Carpet

Caring for Your Bamboo Carpet

Bamboo carpet is a great, environmentally friendly option for homeowners. For years now, many environment enthusiasts are questioning modern synthetic carpets because of the use of petroleum in their production.


Bamboo carpets, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative since its materials were made from bamboo grass, which is abundant and easy to grow.

Bamboo Carpet

Eco-friendly, soft and comfortable to the touch, and easy to maintain are just some of the best qualities of bamboo carpets.


Like any other carpet type, bamboo carpets need proper maintenance if you want to enjoy it for a long time. It is easy to take care of bamboo carpets:


You can get rid of most dirt and dust lodged in the fibers of your bamboo carpet by shaking it vigorously. But, since it is still a carpet, vacuuming it routinely is also necessary. For best results and easier cleaning, shake the dirt off of your bamboo carpet or rug before vacuuming.


The biggest flaw of bamboo carpet is its vulnerability to direct sunlight exposure. Once a portion of your bamboo carpet gets exposed to the sun for too long, it can result in discoloration. Therefore, if you can, avoid placing your bamboo carpet on areas with direct sunlight, such as outdoors or near windows. If you really have to put your bamboo carpet near windows, ensure that you rotate after a few months it for its color to be uniform and even.


Bamboo carpet can be slippery when placed over concrete, tile, or wooden floors. Buy an anti-slip rubberized pad and place it underneath your bamboo carpet or rug to steer clear of accidents. The carpet pad will also protect your floor. Alternatively, you can purchase bamboo carpets with attached soft or rubber backing to it.


Bamboo carpets are not stained proof, so you have to blot stains out before they set. In removing stains, use a damp paper towel. Don’t scrub the stained area.