Choosing Carpets for Cat Owners

Carpets for Cat

If you have a cat for a pet, you’re probably used to (and have possibly accepted) the not-so-sweet things your cat can do to your home – and your carpeted floors. There are many reasons many cat owners prefer NOT to put carpets on their floors: For one, cats are notorious for their scratching hobbies, […]


Caring for Your Bamboo Carpet

Bamboo Carpet

Bamboo carpet is a great, environmentally friendly option for homeowners. For years now, many environment enthusiasts are questioning modern synthetic carpets because of the use of petroleum in their production.   Bamboo carpets, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative since its materials were made from bamboo grass, which is abundant and easy to […]


Taking Care of Oriental Carpets

Oriental Carpets

Fine carpets are really sought after because of their uniqueness and exceptional quality. Genuine Oriental carpets and rugs, for instance, are mostly woven by hand which makes them even more special. Another great thing about Oriental or fine carpet is its durability. With the proper care and regular maintenance, Oriental carpets can last for a […]


Pet-Proofing Your Carpet


If you live with a pet, you might already have an idea of how challenging it could be when it comes to the mess they make. No matter how lovable your pet is, you can’t deny that there is a lot of cleaning to do when you live with one indoors – you have to […]


Dealing with Torn Carpets


Carpets are an excellent addition to our homes – they could turn any room into a cozier one, can make your home more welcoming, and the best thing is, you can find a type that will fit your budget.   But just like everything else, no matter how wonderful carpets are, there are still some […]